In this digital-led app economy, we leverage the mobile device capabilities to create a memorable end-user experience to spur your brand’s growth. A Trusted partner for world-class brands.

inflack about us

Mobility - the centerpiece of digital convergence

In the pool of goldfish, be a shark. With hundreds of apps exposed to your user, your company and service need to be prominent. We put human centric mobile app experience on top of everything and deliver meaningful value for the end users. A smart combination of UI/UX designs, game changing strategies, latest technologies and consultation leads us to the excellency in market. Inflack development team hustle day in and out to create a sustainable mobile app solution that reflects your targets and sets your brand apart.

User Experience That Matters

What would happen if we build an app that your target user fail to operate? No worries, we don’t do it here in Inflack. Our expert consultation team will guide you to the ins and outs of UI/UX and bring the best in market solution. Digital economy rides on fast access, user compatibility and great designs, without none, Inflack can’t think of starting a project. You’ll find richness in surfing the apps which leads to utmost clarity of your brand and product. A well-designed mobile application serves the purpose of customer loyalty.
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designed engage

Designed to Engage

Engagement is still on drought when, design thinkers and developers, they are finding a way to download your apps. To make your user get the best value out of mobile application, we design your course to relevant, useful and on point satisfaction. To understand your customer, we put ourselves in their shoes to emphasize and feel the experience. From design usability, pixel perfection to intuitive micro interactions, we make sure the app delights and retains user time, be it iOS or Android app.

We Develop

We Deliver

iOS App Development

iOS App Development

Researching your customer base and implementing best in class user experience, we develop native iOS apps that energizes your customers. Oh and it has latest iOS frameworks and patterns.

Android App Development

Android App Development

Surfing in the sea of android, we ensure you thrive with your android app. Fast loading, seamless encryption and design pattern; your app is built not to swim but to fly.

React Native App Development

React Native App Development

We make sure your app is compatible in every device and with time, it strives to get better. Our handful of developers uses react native platform to build efficient application.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Enterprise solutions is just not another app that run on mobile phones, it drive your business venture aspects and boosts productivity thus performance.